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Expect Miracles

It’s the power of positive thinking. 
It’s the fuel to power the dream. 
It’s our hope that we will not forget the missing.

The "EXPECT MIRACLES" bracelets are an important part of the fundraising efforts of the Kristen Foundation.  The Expect Miraclesmany families with missing and endangered adults over the age of 18 do not get financial assistance from any federal or state agency to assist them in the search of their missing loved ones.  The Kristen Foundation is the only non-profit organization with a mission to provide financial assistance directly to the families of the missing.

With the "EXPECT MIRACLES" bracelets we hope to raise awareness of the mission of the Foundation.  Our hope is a broad national awareness of the plight of the families of the missing. 

We are soliciting your support of the Foundation’s efforts.  We would ask that you contact Joan Scanlon-Petruski, Director, at (704) 996-5066 or

The net proceeds from the sale of "EXPECT MIRACLES" will help qualified families with travel expenses, billboards, newspaper advertising, direct mail flyers and other investigation expenses incurred in their search efforts. 

The price of an "EXPECT MIRACLES" bracelet is only $8.00 (plus $1.00 s/h) Order now with our Order Form.